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The Exchange club of Las Vegas is sponsored by The Internet Club of Exchange which is part of The National Exchange Club which “America’s Service Club”. From the organization’s earliest days, National Exchange Clubs have been unselfishly serving their communities and improving the quality of life. The diverse array of Exchange-sponsored programs and projects has made a considerable impact on America, enhancing the lives of countless men, women and children across the nation.

The Exchange Club of Las Vegas is in the building process to enable us to charter at 15 members. Our Sponsor is The Internet Club of Exchange who focuses on helping clubs around the nation build a new presence within their local communities.   You will be a member of The Internet Club of Exchange to learning more about Exchange and what we do for our community until your club is able to charter.

We look forward to having you as part of our team.   Sign-up fee includes Credit Card company fees’ and fee to National Exchange Club.


We are building a new club in the Las Vegas area

The Internet Club of Exchange is proud to announce that we are building a new Exchange Club in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.

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Inspiring Change!

The Value of an Exchange Membership

Anyone can volunteer, and we are all capable of finding ways to help our communities. 

So, why join Exchange?

The benefits of joining a national, renowned service organization are numerous:

Access to fundraising and event planning tools that make it easy to be a member – grassroots planning is a is a thing of the past!

Developing a network of business professionals, or simply making friends.

Uniting to spread prevention of child abuse education and awareness throughout the country.

Representing standards of excellence and leadership in communities across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Sharing ideas and collaborating about ways to improve communities.

Building relationships with others in your community.

Growing as a leader, personally and professionally, through innovative guidance and training offered by a professional National Headquarters staff.


A strong America, safe communities,
and unified people.


Exchange, inspiring communities
to become better places to live.


Unity for Service

Core Values

Family, Community, Country

Core Values

Each member of Exchange upholds three core values:
Family, Community, and Country.

Commitment to Family is interpreted not only as
one’s own family, but all American families.

Commitment to the Community is the focal point for each Exchange Club’s efforts. Exchange is unique, as clubs have the flexibility to structure projects targeting needs of their communities, rather than being tied to a certain cause.

Commitment to Country was born in the aftermath of World War II, a time of unquenchable patriotism.

Exchange Club members are proud to join veterans and other civic groups in promoting Americanism as the rich blessing of democracy and freedom.

Members also educate today’s youth to cherish these values.

Programs of Service

Prevention of Child Abuse

Child abuse and neglect hurts more than our children and families, it hurts our entire community. The most immediate victims are children and families. Children suffer physical and emotional injuries, and parents suffer remorse and regret. A greater problem develops as the cycle of violence impacts the community. Childhood abuse is a significant predictor for juvenile delinquency, early pregnancy, substance abuse, mental health issues, and adult criminal activity. The prevention of child abuse became Exchange’s National Project in 1979, at the 61st National Convention


America's young people are its most precious resource. This is why, for many years, Exchange has sponsored an impressive selection of activities designed to benefit and encourage our nation's youth. Many of these richly rewarding programs are among the most popular and well-supported of all Exchange Club endeavors.


Promoting pride in country, respect for the flag and appreciation of our freedoms are the primary purposes of Exchange's Americanism programs. The tumultuous struggles of world powers in the twentieth century have done little to guarantee a peaceful future for the majority of the world's people. However, there's one country in modern times that people flock to for safety, freedom and opportunity — the United States of America. It is hard for Americans to imagine the horrors of modern struggles over religious and ethnic differences, the very differences we embrace.

Community Service

Community service is the lifeline of Exchange. Exchange Clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving their communities each year. In fact, many of the projects within the Program of Service have a common goal of serving and benefiting our communities. Then why a separate category called Community Service? Because while the programs listed under Prevention of Child Abuse, Youth Recognition, and Americanism programs focus on specific areas, the Community Service Program is more broad in scope.

We love our veterans

9/11 Healing Fields

Veterans Day 

Honor Flights

Give a Kid a Flag to Wave

In partnership with Veterans Matters our mutual goal is to bring the unhoused Veteran population to ZERO!


  • Typically, a Club will meet once a week, or 2x a Month
  • Bring in Speakers/Presenters for Meetings
  • Educate and Add Value to Members
  • Network and “Exchange” Ideas
  • Socialize and Fellowship
  • Give and Serve
  • Networking Weaved In 
  • Leadership Development

Dues and Costs

  • Total Cost is $17.50/per month with $50.00 one time administrative fee
  • Dues cover all National/District/Club Dues
  • Website
  • Training
  • Structure
  • Insurance
  • Flyers
  • 501 c 4 Status

We are looking for officers and leaders

Club President – The executive officer of the club.

Club President-Elect – Succeeds the current presidency.

Immediate Past Club President – The preceding year’s club president.

Club Treasurer – Caretaker of all club monies.

Club Secretary – The keeper of all club records.

Committee Chair – Members assigned responsibilities of planning and implementing programs to assist the club in meeting its goals and objectives.

Who do we Serve?

"The National Exchange Club is..."

The National Exchange Club (NEC) Foundation, provides funding to support the Programs of Service and the National Project. Through the efforts of the NEC Foundation and its benefactors, more than 1.8 million children and more than 770,000 families have escaped the cycle of child abuse.


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